While many restaurants come and go, there are a few places in Zurich that have managed to stay for a couple of decades. One of these places is Bohemia. 

Bohemia 1.jpg

Bohemia is a place for everyone. Whether you just want to sip a cup of coffee and munch on a croissant in the lounge, have a drink and some snacks at a bar or sit down for a full meal in the restaurant area, they've got it all there. Of course, their fabulous weekend brunches must be mentioned too.

It's one of these chic but yet easy going places. Divided into three areas, it is up to you if you just want to go by for a cup of coffee and some snacks in their lounge, have a more formal get-together in the restaurant section or grab a drink at the bar.

Not only do we recommend this place to anyone of you but we also return here almost regularly for their amazing Beef Tartar with Truffle Fries. During the week you can usually quite quickly get a spot, but over the weekends, especially during their popular brunch, we’d recommend making a reservation in advance.


Restaurant Bohemia

Klosbachstrasse 2

8032 Zürich

Tel: +41 44 383 70 60