Bay of Islands

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The name already says it: Bay of Islands is a huge bay with hundreds of little islands all around, some inhabited and some not. It’s one of those must-see places in New Zealand .


The best time to visit the Bay of Islands area is summer (December to February). That is the perfect time to lie on those many sandy beaches and to relax. It is also when there are lots of events take place.

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The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs

Relax and unwind at this beautiful lodge at the northern end of the Bay of Islands.

Eagles Nest

Located on the peninsula in a rather remote location, this is the perfect place to just relax and wind down.

The Duke of Marlborough Hotel

This is the place to go to if you want to be in the center of the happenings. The hotel is located right at the beach in Russel, making other activities very accessible. Think: you will not necessarily need to take a car everywhere.

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There are a lot of fun day trips to do from the Bay of Islands, but also a lot to explore locally.

Discover the many beaches

As the name of the place says there are hundreds of islands to discover. Hundreds of islands means many beaches too. One option is driving around and finding the perfect spot, another option is renting a boat and spending the day at sea.

View it all from above

Take a helicopter ride around the beautiful islands and get a view from it all from above.

Immerse yourself in history

Get schooled at the Waitangi Cultural Center and learn and discover more about the beginnings of New Zealand.



There are quite a few lovely places to dine around the islands.

Alfresco’s Restaurants & Bar

This is a cute little restaurant that has something for everyone. Lots of healthy options as well as more indulge-worthy options.

The Gables Restaurant

Nice restaurants right at the ocean offering more traditional New Zealand cuisine. When making a reservation ask for a table at the window and enjoy the view of the sunset while dining.

Charlottes Kitchen

Located out on a jetty you feel like you are dining right on the ocean.

Paroa Bay Winery

At this lovely vineyard high above they don’t only have delicious wines but also offer dining with spectacular views.