Brunch in Zurich


Brunch on the weekend is becoming more and more of a thing in Zurich and brunch places around every corner are popping up. Instead of giving you an endless list of brunch places, we try to make life easier by just providing you our top 6 brunch places in Zurich. As most of the places you can get brunch in Zurich these 6 to are always notoriously packed. Try getting a reservation at least a week in advance if not longer in advance, especially if you’re a larger group (4+). All of them are perfect for any time of the year but are particularly enjoyable during the nicer weather outside on their terraces.



Dreaming of the perfect Eggs Benedict this is you place to go. It’s location is perfect to enjoy the late morning sunshine with your first cup of coffee.

Bros Beans & Beats

Ever craving that perfect avocado toast? Well this is the place to get it! This is sadly the only one out of the 6 that doesn’t take reservations, so it’s first come first serve and as it’s not as large, it can take a short while to snag a seat during the popular brunch hours.


If you every feel like escaping the city and want to get that country-side feeling, head up to the Adlisberg that can offer you exactly that. Brunch here is called “Farmers Breakfast” because everything is freshly made there.


Le Pain Quotidien

With locations across the world is has become one of the most reliable places for brunch, also in Zurich. Their menus are all relatively similar and sometimes what you crave most is something you know.


Instead of having “brunch-sets” where you’ll always find something you don’t like, at Bank you can mix and match all the things you like, making it the closest to an at-home-brunch.


Brunch with a middle-eastern touch. What is great is that next to your croissant and müsli you can also choose some items of their regular menu and add some of their delicious mezzes for brunch. Don’t forget to try one of their homemade iced teas - they are amazing!