There are a few cities which you absolutely must visit and Tokyo is one of them. It will be all that you expect it to be and so much more. And if this is the first Asian country you'‘ll be visiting, you’re in for a treat.

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Tokyo is one of those cities you can visit anytime of the year. Although the most popular time to visit is from late March to April when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. Making Tokyo one of our stops before flying on to New Zealand, we went during the holiday season and were surprised how festive it was.


There are a lot of cities in this world that have become more manageable thanks to the likes of Uber and co. but Tokyo is one of the few cities where public transportation tops all. Aside from the obvious that it is much cheaper taking the subway than a taxi we came to realize that it also is a lot faster. Contrary to subways in other cities, the ones in Tokyo are very nice, clean and other passengers won’t shove or push you around. Of course the best way to explore a city is on foot.

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Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

This is where we stayed and it is a lovely boutique hotel in the center of Tokyo. It is right next to the Tokyo train station and several subway stations and within walking distance to Ginza. The rooms are very spacious and the floor to ceiling windows make you feel like you’re in the middle of the city. There also is a lovely spa and gym on the top floor.

Aman Tokyo

This was our second choice, located just around the corner from the Four Seasons Hotel. It’s located in a high-rise boasting spectacular view over the city. It has a lovely wellness area with a pool.


Tokyo is a city with countless activities but if you are only going for a short trip here are a few things you can’t miss.


This is one of Tokyo’s oldest temples and also the official landmark of the city. Upon arriving it is such a juxtaposition to the surrounding high-rises.

Tokyo Tower

If you want spectacular views over the city, go to the Tokyo Tower. You can visit two different decks, the main deck and the top deck. While the top deck is a bit more expensive you do get a much better view from there, so absolutely recommend going all the way up. If you’re not a huge fan of queuing you can purchase the tickets in advance, making the whole visit a lot smoother.

teamLab Borderless

A museum like no other. Even those of you who do not enjoy going to museums, the fact that this museum is entirely digital makes it an unforgettable experience. Since tickets are limited per day they should, if possible, be bought in advance. Also when visiting we’d suggest to go as soon as it opens as it can get quite crowded in the afternoon, meaning there will be some queues for certain exhibitions.


The store-lined streets of Ginza give 5th Avenue in New York a run for their money. While shopping might not be everyone’s go-to activity in a foreign city, the decorations of the store shops here are incredible.


Most famous for its huge intersection it’s also a lovely area to wander about.



There are countless amazing places to eat in Tokyo. As for sushi, pretty much any place in Tokyo serves the freshest sushi, some of the best places can be found in shopping malls.

Nemuro Hanamaru

This is a great sushi place located in a mall.


The Japanese cuisine has so much more to offer than sushi. Take Shabu Shabu for one, a healthy and fulfilling meal. Seryna is the perfect place to try a Shabu Shabu in Tokyo, located in the heart of Ginza.

Nihon Yakiniku Hasegawa

Japanese BBQ is an unforgettable experience, specially at Nihon Yakiniku Hasegawa. Aside from a main dining area they have several private dining rooms for small group making it a very intimate and fun bbq experience.