Staying Healthy While Traveling

When you arrive in a new place everything is so exciting and new and you just want to get one with exploring. One of the most common things your hear from people who just got back from a trip is how they gained weight and how they weren’t living as healthy as they usually do.

So you don’t feel like you need to go on a hard-core detox once you’re back from your vacation, here are some things that you can do and keep in mind.

Move- this doesn’t mean you should workout like when you’re at home but you should try and squeeze in a workout whenever you have some time. Most hotels have a pool and/or a gym, so why not make use of it before heading out to the beach or sightseeing. Another great way to keep moving is by checking out the local fitness scene and discovering new classes. A great option for instance is Barry’s Bootcamp, it has outlets in multiple cities and is very easy to sign up for. I, for one like to check out whether the place I’m visiting has a reformer pilates studio and tend to book a class there when I’ve got the time. Also remember, specially when you’re sightseeing you will automatically be walking so much more than when you’re at home.

Eat wise - it’s nice when you’re at a hotel and you could get pancakes with bacon every morning, but maybe you should limit your “unhealthy” food intake just as you do at home. Unless you’re one of those lucky people who gets to eat pancakes every day, when on vacation try to keep your eating habits and let’s say just eat pancakes when you would also eat pancakes at home.

Healthy snacking - it’s so easy to go to the next convenient store and grab a coke and a pack ob chips when you’re feeling nibbly. Instead of reaching for the unhealthy stuff, try to go for more healthy snack options such as fruits and nuts. If you’re going to a place where you’re not sure of how your snacking situation might be you can also bring some snack from home (however be aware of countries like the U.S. and Australia that don’t allow you to bring food from other territories).

Remember to drink - one things a lot of people forget to do when traveling is drinking. When you’re everyday working in an office and water is just there you don’t really need to think about. When you travel many forget to drink.

Take it slow - remember you’re on vacation, there are no deadlines lurking around the corner. Take the time and enjoy your vacation. Don’t force yourself to do things just because so many people told you about all the things you must do.

Maintain your home routine - take all your vitamins, supplements and whatever else you need with you and continue taking them on your trip.