Packing a Carry-On

Carry on.jpg

While packing your entire suitcase can be quite daunting packing your carry-on is not that much better, especially for long-haul flights. Either you forget half of the stuff you suddenly need on the plane or you pack so much and carry half of your belonging around the airport and then don’t even need half of it. Personally, I prefer to travel light as often as possible.

 So, what needs to go in a carry on:

Always bring all of your charging cables with you – there might be a time when you miss a connecting flight, or your flight is delayed for hours and you don’t want to not be able to charge your phone and/or laptop. 

Pack an extra layer – be it a long shawl or another thick sweater – you never know how cold you might be and freezing throughout an entire flight is not fun. I usually go for anything cashmere, it’s super cozy and warm.

Your necessities – this will be different for everyone. For me it’s making sure I have some painkillers in case I get one of my migraines, a spare pair of contacts, lip balm, hand cream, face cream and mist, an eye mask, wet-wipes and glasses.

Sleep mask and earplugs - depending on where I am going and whether it’s a night flight or not I like to pack a sleeping mask and some earplugs to get a few restful hours of sleep.

Any form of entertainment - this might be downloading some of your favourite shows on Netflix or a good book. I always make sure to travel with a book.

Hydration - while these days a lot of airlines offer you a bottle of water upon embarking the plane, I fell these bottles still are a bit to small for my taste. That is why I alway pack an empty bottle of a travel mug which I fill up as soon as I’m through security.

Then there are of course the obvious things like your passport, wallet and earphones.