Beach Life Essentials


As summer approaches nearer and nearer so do (hopefully) also your summer vacations. While basking in the sun and swimming in cool waters is what summer vacations are all about there are a few precautions we need to take to really enjoy our best beach life moments.

Here are a few must-have items to protect yourself form unwanted UV rays and sunburns.


This is quite an obvious one - we’ve all had that one time where we forgot to wear sunscreen and ended up red as a lobster by the end of day. But as I recently learned not every sunscreen is the same and some just aren’t good at all. A report published by Consumer NZ a non-profit organisation conducted a study on different sunscreens that was funded by the Ministry of Health, revealed that not every sunscreen claims what is is to be (click here for the report). Aside from that you now also have to make sure your sunscreen doesn’t contain any toxins, such as oxybenzone or octinoxate, which harm the environment - think about all those beautiful reefs when you’re snorkelling.


Or any kind of headwear for that matter. It’s an essential because it doesn’t only protect you from the sun, a hat also looks great on you and it makes reading a book so much easier.


Because they’re a stylish accessories and again they protect your eyes from the sun. Also when wearing sunglasses you won’t be squinting your eyes as much in bright light wich can also prevent wrinkles from appearing too soon around your eyes (that’s what I’ve always heard repeated to me over and over again). On that note, is is quite important to actually buy sunglasses with a UV protection.

Hair UV Protection Spray

Every wonder why you feel like chopping off all your hair after a sunny summer? Well just like our skin our hair also needs UV protection. They protect your hair from sun-damage and keep your hair nice and silky. And for those of you counting on the sun and ocean to give you some natural highlight there are even some specifically for that.

Beach Bag

Because somewhere you have to put all this stuff in and you don't necessarily want to take your expensive leather bag to the beach. The best beach bags are the ones you can make as small as possible and have them fit in any carry-on. Of course the prettiest ones are the nice big straw bags and the easiest way to “pack” them is by just using one as your carry-on.