Summer Lunches in Zurich


Having lunch during the week usually involves either going to the canteen or grabbing a bit somewhere at the nearest take-away spot. As summer and warmer weather approaches though, so does our inner longing for lunches in the sun. Not only will this recharge you for the afternoon but also make sure your Vitamin D levels stay up. Just as many other European cities, Zurich is one that starts to live outside once its warm enough, with nearly every restaurant having an outdoor seating area. But not every outdoor seating area gives you the same summer is here feeling. Here are a few favourites, located pretty central in Zurich, and perfect for a work break.



Nothing says summer is here like having your first lunch in one of Zurich’s most beautiful courtyards. Their menu is a variety of Mediterranean options, including delicious freshly made pasta. Being quite a popular spot over lunch, a reservation is recommended when you’re more than two. If it’s only you or two of you a spot usually clears up pretty fast.

Puro - Social Club

Located in the same courtyard as Milchbar, this place is just equally pretty. Additionally to their regular menu they also offer different lunch menus. Of course this place is not only great for lunches but also for Apéro after and they have many unique cocktails to wind-down from work.

Coco Grill

Nestled behind the busy Paradeplatz you’ll come across a little oasis to stop and enjoy your lunch. Instead of having to choose from a large menu what you want, they offer daily four different lunch menus, making your decision process much easier and allowing you to enjoy your short lunch break.



While the restaurant inside might be pretty too, their garden is a little gem in the center of Zurich. It’s prefect to just sit down and enjoy a peaceful meal. As it is a bit more formal it is also perfect for a outdoor business lunch.

Rooftop Restaurant at Modissa

Missing the big city life, search no more! This rooftop in the center of town immediately makes you fell like you’re in a large and cosmopolitan city. As it gets quite packed, a reservation is recommended.


A little extra just because. This is a fairly new concept in Zurich. Kaisin isn’t actually it’s own restaurant but from Mondays to Fridays during lunch hours at two location in the city, Kaisin servers poke bowls (the best poke bowls in town in my opinion) to hungry customers. The concept is great, specially in summer, because you can either eat it there or have it take away and enjoy your lunch at the lake or the river. And super-busy people who don’t have time to go out and get lunch can just order it online.