Dining Around the Lake in Zurich


Summer’s here and this means it’s finally time again to enjoy long dinners at the lake. Here are a few options to choose from that never disappoint.



The most casual as well as central spot of them all, Pumpstation draws in crowds from everywhere. The vibe is lots of drinks and an outside BBQ, so perfect to enjoy those summer sunsets. When the sun’s out it’s almost always full but don’t let that keep you from visiting because seats free up usually quite fast. Also quite important, they don’t take credit/debit cards, so bring enough cash with you.

Fischer’s Fritz

There’s no better place to try a typical Swiss dish Fischknusperli. It is a lovely and casual place to wine and dine with friends and family. If you’ve got some more time on your hands you can also come by and rent a deckchair for the day and relax.


Seerose is nice for business lunches as well as dinners when the sun starts setting. It’s dining area is a bit more formal, simply meaning that there are white table cloths but not more. The menu is a nice mix of dishes, making sure everyone can find something they like.

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This is the place you go to if you want to enjoy a delicious pizza at the lake. The great part about Strozzis is that in the Summer it turns into an all day dining space and you can just go there for a Saturday afternoon and hang out drinking a Spritz or two.


According to their website, this might be the last year guest can dine at this marvelous place built out onto the lake of Zurich. So hurry up and snag a reservation, because once the sun’s out it’s almost always full. While one might believe they only serve fish, they also have a huge variety of other delicious options. If anyone’s visiting Zurich for the first time, this is probably the lakeside restaurant you should take them too. If you’re not that hungry the also have a lovely lounge where you can have a nice Apéro.

Portofino Seerestaurant

More Pizza! Yes, Portofino is another restaurant that serves amazing pizzas at the lake (for those of you that do not know Zurich, Strozzi is on the right side of the lake and Portofino on the left ). It’s a more quiet place catering to more families than Strozzi does but equally amazing and the best part is, if you want you can jump into the lake after having lunch (or dinner). Something I observed last time I was there, was that people also ordered their pizzas to go and then took them onto their boats and ate them on the lake - great idea for anyone who has a boat or is renting a boat for the day.