Sitges - Little Beach House Barcelona


This is not a regular Cityscape report as it will focus only on the Little Beach House in Barcelona.

The Soho House Clubs are located around the world and known for attracting celebs and talents in the Entertainment Industry. While the houses are usually only accessible with a valid membership, over the past few years some of their houses now also include hotels and allow non-members to stay.

What is great about the Little Beach House, is that it is located directly at the beach, meaning no streets have to be crossed to jump into the ocean. It might not be the ideal location if you plan on doing lots of sightseeing as it is around 30km from Barcelona. However, it is the perfect location if you just want to hop off the plane and relax as it’s only a 15-20min drive from the airport.


What makes the Soho Houses in a sense unique is that they provide their members with an always similar environment, making them feel like at home, wherever they are. So no matter where you are at the moment, dropping by a nearby Soho House gives you a certain feeling of coming home. This is also supported by all the super-friendly and accommodating staff.

Another things consistent with all houses are the products they use, their own bath, body and skincare line, Cowshed.


One of the best parts about staying here are all the amenities in the room. Instead of your usual knick-knacks you can expect a fully stocked bathroom. Meaning you don’t have to worry about fitting everything into your liquids bag when traveling with only hand luggage. Products there range from 4 different kinds of shampoos and conditioners to tonic for your face and night and day creams, and as mentioned, Cowshed products are really good.


The food… personally I’ve never had a bad experience dinging at a Soho House or one of its affiliates. No matter where you are, the food is always great. It’s also always different from location to location (even in all the houses in London!). At the Little Beach House in Barcelona the food is very inspired by its location, lots of tapas, fresh fish and well lots of Cava.

The best part of it all, is that there isn’t only one formal dining area, but that there are multiple terraces and rooftops and tables by the beach where you can just relax and enjoy life for a moment.

Little tip: if you are so inclined you can also have your breakfast in the morning on a sun lounger and enjoy a quiet morning at the beach.