Soaking up some Sun at Zurich's Badis


The sun is finally coming out again making us want to enjoy those warm summer days all day long at the lake. Preferably at a badi of course.


But first things first: What is a Badi?

Badis are located all around the Lake of Zurich and along the river and are public bath places. They are equipped with changing rooms, restrooms, a kiosk and a few other amenities that vary. Most of them are accessible only after paying an entrance fee, there are a few that are free. But the entrance fee gives you all the above mentioned perks. It is of course also allowed to bring all of your own food.

Badis are however not only for swimming… a lot of them convert into after work hot spots, boasting incredible view of the lake and the city.

Here are three of my favourite and most frequented badis in Zürich.

Badi Utoquai

Utoquai is a two-story wooden deck built out onto the lake. It’s very popular for people who work around there to drop by and have a quick dip in the lake over lunch. Even if you don’t have a typical 9-5 schedule, dropping by there for lunch or just spending there the entire afternoon is wonderful. All of their food options are freshly made in house and include lots of healthy options, that change daily (if you don’t have enough time to stay for lunch you can also just jump into the lake and get your lunch to go from there). On the weekends it can get pretty crowded so I’d recommend to get there early enough to snag the perfect spot. But don’t worry, there’s a high-rotation of people and a spot opens up every few minutes. Perk here is that Utoquai is one of those few badis that accepts credit and debit cards.


Seebad Enge

Badi Enge is also a wood deck built out onto the lake. Because of its location you get an amazing view of the lake and the (mostly) snow-capped alps in the back. It’s a very laid-back badi and very popular for after a after work swim and drinks. On Sunday evenings they have sunset concerts at the badi and it’s the perfect place to end one of those summer weekends. On a few days a week they offer yoga classes on the deck and you can rent paddle ports for some stand-up paddling on the lake.


As the name says it “Frauenbadi” means “Women’s Badi” in german and during the day only women are allowed to enter (Männerbad Schanzengraben is the equivalent for men). In the evening also men are allowed to join as the Frauenbadi turns into the Barfuss Bar. Contrary to the two badis above, Frauenbadi isn’t located at the lake but at the Limmat River, this means that the water there is usually a few degrees cooler than in the lake. Good thing to know is that they only accept cash at their kiosk.